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Wine filtration

Dept and surface filtration

Predel catridges

Predel catridges

These filtration catridges unite the strength of dept or surface media (membranes) with high retentioncapacity. They ensure performance for clarification, stabilization and bacterical reduction in beverages: Vin, beer, organic products and water.


- Cost reduction due to their quality construction,
- Large surface,
- Adaptation flexibility,
- Easy regeneration,
- Simple installation.


The PREDEFLOW G.F. regenerable filtering capsules are particularly designed for both pre-filtering and final filtering operations when carried out in small quantities for the need of sampling.

Those regenerable filtering capsules do not need any assembling and prevent filter cleaning.

Produit / Avantages Utilisation

Easy-to-use : capsules can be directly plugged in the tun. The Vinweight produces enough pressure for filtration.

The availability of two filtration levels, micron or sub-micron, allows to meet any application needs.

Air-purging device up-stream and drain downstream.

The heat-welded filtering capsule is particularly resistant to breakage and shocks. It prevents from leaks and weld break.

Safe and easy to use, the filtering part does not need any handling. The capsule can be preserved in a alcohol solution (50 %).

An useful label allows to note the installation and replacement date, as well as the users initials.

After use, the filtering capsules can be regenerated under a tap, counter-current, either with cold water or warm after clogging.


Filtering body: Polypro and glass fiber.
Polypropylene mount.
Compact, heat-welded Polypro structure.


Autoclave sterilization at 121°C or with disinfectant solution.

Without any filter purchase or maintenance, those ready-to-use capsules do not need any servicing and are easily and quickly replaced.

They can be easily plugged directly in the tun tasting tap or fitted to a tun drain tap or laboratory filtering tank, using a special joint.

PREDEL ENCAPSULATED FILTERS - Product information (PDF - 539.7 kb)

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MANNOPRED new product
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