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The Predel company has, from the outset developed important knowhow in the fields of filtration and hygiene.
Occupying premises of 1000m2 in the Saint-Loubès industrial park, the company knew to diversify over the course of time.

Today, it is developing three major branches of activities :
- Trade and manufacture of materials and products for the medical and oenology industries (industrial and laboratory filtration).
- Vocational training and services in hygiene, filtration, quality control.
- Contamination detection in the agroalimentary, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

For Predel, performance and innovation are the two principles of their Research and development policy. This strong dynamic serving the oenology, agro-alimentary and medical trades is based on mobilizing the best research teams in Europe and on the use of advanced technologies.

In keeping with this, a two-year Research and development contract, financed by Europe by more than 50%, was assigned to a consortium; This contract ended in June 2006 in the registration of a patent for marketing detection and control technologies based on three methods :
- PREDELISA® Immunological test
- PCR PREDEL® Bio molecular test amplification with polymerase chain reaction).
- Micro-biological controls on agar culture media and NKS BRETTANOMYCES®.

Brettanomyces, for Predel is a permanent challenge

Brettanomyces comes from the « British Brewery Industry » and from Mycès of Greek origin; Myketes meaning mushroom.

Discovered by Clausen in 1904, this yeast was long used to strat the second fermentation of strong English and Belgian beers. Brettanomyces can produce very undesirable effects on Vinand sweetened drinks. The accidental development of various strains at the end of fermentation or during ageing results in tastes and marked « stable », « animal » or « horse sweat » type flavours due to the ethylphenols and ethyl-guaiacols.
These defects completely mask the natural flavours of the Vinand greatly depreciate its quality.


Brettanomyces are very frequent contamination yeasts in Vinbecause they from part of the natural flora present on the bloom of the grapes. To avoid development of these harmful micro-organisms, the Vinproducer only has preventive means at his disposal. The first of these is the rigorous hygiene of the Vinstorehouse and all the containers. Indeed, a healthy Vincontains no or very few yeasts which are likely to develop.

The second is a very precise management of the oxygen supply in the Vin, an attentive follow-up of the regularity of fermentations and progressive elimination of the dregs over the course of the racking.

As soon as the conditions are met, the brettanomyces colonies can start to grow very quickly. This increase should alert the Vinproducer of the imminence of risk of gustatory deviation of the Vin. The various pantented tools for early detection and counting developed by Predel bring a full range of solutions to the need for regular followup of the brettanomyces populations in Vin; as much in the Vin-making phase as in the growth or packaging.

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MANNOPRED new product
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