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Laboratory equipment

Filtration manifolds

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Rampe de filtration PREDEL

Practical and productive method for analysis of microbial or particulate contamination, the stainless steel rack is ideal as soon as there is a space problem.
Beyond this choice of material, Predel filtration manifolds have many advantages :

- Independent operation of each funnel port
- Lightweight, reliable and cost less than stainless steel racks
- Large openings to facilitate disinfection
- Accepts 25 and 47mm funnels
- Single-use funnel adaptation.

individual control funnels

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Entonnoirs de contrôle de laboratoire PREDEL

The funnels are used to retain and measure the fluid to be filtered.They are available with or without integrated membrane. To select a funnel type, 4 criteria must be taken into account: material, capacity required, membrane type and choice of a disposable or reusable product.



Real Time PCR Predel

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Thermocycleur pour PCR PREDEL

Real Time PCR Predel in technology relies on two essential elements :

- A ready-to-use kit.
- A real Time PCR machine allows for procedural ans analytic simplicity.

1st phase: denaturisation
The weak connections which ensured the cohesion of the DNA double helix are broken into to give two single DNA strands.
2nd phase: hybridization (annealing)
The hybridization of DNA primers rests on the principle of the pairing of complementary bases.
3rd phase: elongation (extension of primers)
The primers hybridized to the DNA are used as a starting point for polymerization of the complementary DNA single chain of the template DNA by the polymerase.

At each cycle, the DNA quantity doubles in the tube. Thus on the basis of two initial DNA strands we obtain a million copies in twenty cycles.


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Système de contrôle de qualité ATP-mètre PREDEL

This « new-generation » bioluminescence system of quality control of surface sanitation and rinse waters uses only one very compact instrument.
The bioluminescence technique makes it possible to determine the presence of Adenosine.

Tri Phosphates (ATP), a molecule present in all living cells. The dosage of cellular ATP by bioluminescence is based on an enzymatic reaction between the luciferine / luciferase couple and ATP; This reaction involves the emission of quantitatively detected photons. Thus the ATP determination is a rapid (10 seconds) and reliable method for preventing risks of contamination r multiplication of the microorganisms which is easily integrated in an HACCP-ISO quality control system by the establishment of a diagnosis and improvement in weak points.
It is an assurance of better hygiene control throughout the process.


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The Predelisa® Predel enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay » test is an immunological test. The antigen to be proportioned binds to the fixed antibody. It is then revealed by a marked antibody.
The antigen must have two different epitopes; it is “sandwiched” between the two antibodies.

The revelation consists in measuring the catalytic activity of the enzyme.
The Predlisa® Reader is a flexible micro-plaque absorbance reader. These 12 optical channels guarantee high-quality, rapid, reproducible and precise readings.

Options such as temperature control, different filter slides and a barcode reading module can be added to create a configuration entirely adapted to the customer’s needs. Whith a new touch-screen option, The Predelisa® Reader can function without a PC, saving space and making it easier to use.

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